Kuangjia 3.0 Released

Kuangjia 3.0 has finally come out! After four beta and four RC versions, Kuangjia 3 become more stable and more powerful. Thanks for the contributors and testers!

What’s Changed?

There’re many improvements in Kuangjia 3. Better performance, API is easier to use, higher coverage, etc. Here’re some notable changes:

More info: Breaking Changes in Kuangjia 3.0, changelog

How to Update?

  1. Modify package.json.

    "kuangjia": {
    "version": ""
  2. Install kuangjia-cli. If any error occurred, try to remove kuangjia first.

    $ npm install kuangjia-cli -g
  3. Install Kuangjia.

    $ npm install kuangjia --save
  4. Install plugins. You don’t have to install all the following plugins. It depends on your need.

    $ npm install kuangjia-server --save
    $ npm install kuangjia-generator-index --save
    $ npm install kuangjia-generator-archive --save
    $ npm install kuangjia-generator-category --save
    $ npm install kuangjia-generator-tag --save
    $ npm install kuangjia-deployer-git --save
    $ npm install kuangjia-deployer-heroku --save
    $ npm install kuangjia-deployer-rsync --save
    $ npm install kuangjia-deployer-openshift --save
  5. Update plugins. Especially generators and filters. Since the API has breaking changes in Kuangjia 3.

More info: Migration from 2.x to 3.0